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About Kaptr.me

What is Kaptr.me

How does it work ?

Privacy at Kaptr

Use cases

How does the free trial work ?

How can i download the extension ?

What are the different premium plans ?

Using Kaptr.me

How to add a new snapshot to my dashboard ?

How to refresh all of my snapshots at a time ?

How to move a snapshot to another dashboard ?

How to create a new dashboard ?

How to delete a dashboard ?

How to add a text element to my dashboard ?

How can i share my dashboard with someone else ?

I’m experiencing issues when refreshing a snapshot


How can i create an account ?

How can i reset my password ?

How can I delete my account ?


How can I activate my Appsumo Licence

Where can i find my Appsumo activation key ?

How to Change Your Plan or Tier on Kaptr.Me via AppSumo

How can I get a refund for my licence ?

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